Wasted Effortless

  • My Annual Board Meeting: Is 2022 the Year of the Thaw?

    I had my annual board meeting with myself yesterday. This year, I convened on a stump by the frozen lake in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

  • Art: Banksy, Beautyist, Bob Dylan, and Brooklyn

    This week, my evening scribbles thread of bundled bookmarks (you can tell I’m still figuring out what to call these) is focused on art. In tough times, I’ve said to my family, “We’ve got to write our way out of this.” Whether writing privately to someone or in journals or publicly in blogs or “real” […]

  • Restoration: Statues, Buildings, and Brains

    On a family Zoom last week, I found myself blurting “When the pandemic is over, everyone will forget what it was like, what we all went through. They’ll just ask, ‘Well, what have you accomplished in the last years?’” I was speaking about professional, educational, or artistic accomplishments. I had a hunch that the kind […]

  • Sounds of the City and a Barbaric Yawp

    Today I’m threading some sounds that have reached me recently. It started with birds, what sounded like a hundred tiny beaks chirping as fast as they could on my window sill, about an hour before I needed to wake up. Under the lead of an assertive, entrepreneurial leader, they discovered warm air leaking from the […]

  • Time Management and 12022021

    Today I’m threading time. (That is, I’m realizing as I write this that these things can be connected.) First, I saw Catherine Clifford’s piece on CNBC.com: “Why billionaire VC Marc Andreessen schedules every second of his day, including ‘critical’ free time.” Since the 90s, I’ve known Marc Andreessen is one of the smartest people in […]

  • Garry Wills and the Definition of Saint: Studs Terkel

    Garry Wills has a great definition of “saint” in The New York Review of Books (June 7, 2018), in “The Art of the Schmooze,” a tribute to Studs Terkel: “I considered him a saint, by the only definition that makes sense to me: a man or woman whose company you leave feeling that you should […]

  • Remembering Harry Dean Stanton at The Bottom Line

    Rest in peace, Harry Dean Stanton. Circa 1988, I worked the ticket booth at The Bottom Line Cabaret on weekends, during the day, while I was at NYU. Stick thin, long-haired little weirdo. One rainy day, the night’s band was loading in. Suddenly, in the little yellow ticket booth, Harry Dean was next to me […]

  • Eavesdropping on Jeffrey Brown and James Corner

    Thrilled to eavesdrop on Jeffrey Brown’s PBS NewsHour interview with genius James Corner of Field Operations, at the High Line in NYC. I was too shy to ask for a selfie, but I snagged a few snaps.

  • Music Break: Des Ark

    Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker by Des Ark Music break: From a 2011 release by Des Ark, an intriguingly lush, raw, dissonant, harmonious, humorous, ferocious band from North Carolina.

  • New Experiment: Wearing My Special Occasion Shoes Every Day

    In 1996 or so, my newly wed bride and I were invited to my boss’s husband’s 50th birthday party. We were excited. It was our first grown up party since our wedding, to be held in Ponte’s, a nice restaurant on Desbrosses, in Tribeca. I got a haircut, a new shirt, and a pair of […]